Gigi’s law I hold to be true.

Everyone has heard of Murphy’s law. If you haven’t , it consists mainly that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. I didn’t choose that the title of my new entry because I needed something along the lines of , it was wrong to begin with.

I don’t know if this has happen to anyone before but let me set the scenario:
You look better than you have in years and can’t wait for that certain someone to see you. So expecting the day to come when you “accidentally” meet you prep yourself up to look extra special. You make sure your hair is done at all times , and your makeup is in place. You treat that nasty pimple that popped out of nowhere.
And days go by and nothing. You don’t “accidentally” meet. So then you realize ok it won’t happen out of the blue and we’ll have to set up a date.
Here begins Gigi’s law. You start to let yourself loose. Walking around in pijamas , not a dab of makeup on your face and your hair has seen better days. In fact I honestly think the comb is hiding from me. So guess what? Knock on the door. So you put pause on the tivoed episode of The Office, and there to see you in all your mess is that certain someone.

Yes I hold these to be true. The day you let yourself go the, the day the mirror was fogged even though no one was in the shower, that’s the day they’ll see you. And look at you like what the hell happened and you know that they’re thinking “maybe she photoshoped that picture.”

Damn gigi’s law damn you law. Had me running into the bathroom putting gel on my hair looking like alfafa. Because curly hair is motherfucker to tame. Made me put my glasses on so no one would see the bags under my eyes.

Thank God it was short. But this law I hold to be true.


Bittersweet memories

Today I was at a kiddy birthday party. I tend to get bored at these things and try to avoid them at all cost ,for some reason I decided to play along. All of a sudden they play this merengue song. It’s rather old and to me very annoying. But it reminded me of a certain friend of mine . We’ll call him Allen for the sake of our privacy. I had known Allen in Dominican Republic for a long time. I had been actually infatuated with him and him with me. But it was one of those teen movie cliche where nobody said anything directly to the other and thus drifting away from a possibly good relation. He was handsome and had a Hollywood smile.I spent 3 years seeing Allen on a daily basis . I then had a friend very much infatuated with him. I never told her and till this day haven’t. I then concluded that even though it was unreasonably impossible for him and me to get together , my friend just added to those reasons. Allen and I did at times get physical ( NOT sexual) which added to our already silently confused relationship. The song played today reminded me of him and everything about him. I was talking to him in the sidewalk one afternoon and a car passed by with this song leading him to engage in a solo quirky dance ,which I remember as vividly as I had seen him when that happened.The way he bent his knee to prepare for the hip twist he was about to do and the smirk on his face acknowledging how silly it must have looked from my perspective.How short that little dance lasted. Which led to a chain of memories erected from my would be memory-less mind. I remember how good it felt to hug him and how sincere we kissed each other. How blankly we looked into each others face while we talked about other people we were seeing. How crushing was not being able to tell anyone close in fear that it might start a rumor leading to my friend who was head over heels for him. All in all I’m glad I lived that. I’m glad to have been a part of his life in one way or another and to still be able to call him one of my close friends. Sometimes we strive to reach something without realizing we already lived it. When I heard that song I felt I was hugging him all over again and I feel glad that even if I don’t remember my e-mail password from time to time I can still remember what he feels like.

Divorces ,divorces , and more divorces

Wow , it seems like everyone is getting a nasty divorce now-a-days. It kinda makes you think that maybe the more money you have the more the divorce is going to hurt. Take Alex Rodriguez and his wife Cynthia: This guy makes almost 300 million dollars . 300 MILLION DOLLARS!!! What on God’s earth can you spend that kind of cash. But it looks like Cynthia is going to give it a try. She has hired 4 lawyers in two states to make sure she’s covered coast to coast. They have a ridiculously expensive house in Miami. Kinda makes you think ,hmmm I wonder what happened there. Infidelity? Drugs? Abuse? Was it a long term plan to just grab the money and go? Hard to say but it does make you feel happy that even though you can go through breakups and makeups at least it won’t get as bad as this. That you’re with someone , not because of that amount of cash they have but the quality of care and love they might be able to offer. Yesterday I was reading an article at . It’s one of those 10 things you don’t know about women sections. Melora  Harding wrote “We prefer a man who’s going to make $50 million to one who already has it. Women take potential over security every time”. I couldn’t have heard anything more true at the moment. But what happens after you have that money. I have this theory it might sound a bit crazy but hell it might work. If you have so much money , get rid of it! There are so many things worthwhile that you can do with money and you know what it make keep you sane for a while. Cynthia Rodriguez spent 100,000 on a shopping spree. You can built at least 3 schools with that in Africa to benefit a lot of people that need it. I think giving 10% of your salary was the Evangelist way of staying rich and sane at the same time. I had never thought about it as a good idea but  now that I see what this wealth and fame does to a lot of people , I wonder if anyone of them wish that none of that would have happened to them . The fortune and so forth. How do they know the people around them are there for them and not their money. Then there’s whole drug issue going that it’s just so easy to fall into that hole . You don’t know if your entourage are a bunch of junkies and are trying to convince just so they can get high off you. It’s not easy but either way I still aspire to become something I just hope I don’t go all colors of crazy and join scientology.