Qvc therapy

I get bored easily. For some strange and bizarre reason every time I’m flipping channels I seem to stop on QVC.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy anything on there. (Don’t crucify me QVC shoppers).
But there’s something hypnotizing about watching that damn channel. They could be selling the Mumus and they make it seem so damn urgent.

“Call now because we only have the denim blue and cherry red available. We’re all out of lemon yellow. Opps there goes medium size. We still have plenty in the Xl size”

Damn you QVC for captivating me with your nonsense.

I also have a beef with informercials. Now I understand that you must try to convince us that without your product our life is just too complicated. But everything I start to see you selling the most basic product – let’s say a garden hose- you make the people on there NOT using your garden hose look mentally retarded.

There’s this one informercial where the person looks like its going to be eaten by the common garden hose.
“Tired of those heavy garden hose…” Cue in the person about to be swallowed by the common hose.

Even water filters
“Tired of changing those big gallons of water , tired of risking your health” Cue in the person about to break their back while simutaneously dropping all the water on the floor.

Damn you informercials and QVC. DAMN YOU!


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