And Everything Was Alright

I found a wonderful site a while ago and I thought they had a great project. Well, they had some stickers left over from another project they did, so they decided to start giving those stickers away. In exchange for the sticker, people were asked to submit a photo of the sticker somewhere in their home town.

The word was spread and now they have a great collection of pictures with their stickers on them. Call me cheesy, but I couldn’t get enough of it. So, I gave it a shoot. I sent them an e-mail with my mailing address ( mind you the stickers were FREE) and waited.

And waited.NADA. So, I sent them ANOTHER e-mail requesting my stickers again.
Patience is a virtue: my stickers arrived yesterday. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I started taking pictures right this morning. I didn’t go anywhere interesting in my home town. Instead, I took pictures where I frequent. With that said there are three pictures at my college:p.

I just submitted the e-mail with the pictures. Remember to visit the site frequently so you can see my pictures!
And hey,why not, participate as well!

Remember the site is : Http://

P.s I’m not sure if they’ll post my name but just in case look for Gigi from Miami.


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