Indecision 2008

I’m not a very political person at all but for some reason I have tuned into the area lately. Mainly because , while I was a child growing up in the Clinton era , I knew then that my country was being very prosperous and felt very sad to see him go. I always thought Hillary Clinton would run, and now as an adult I felt very proud/happy to be able to see this go down and understand it. Even though she lost the democratic nomination to Barack Obama I still feel very connected to her persona. Mostly because even though her chances were very slim she never gave up . I was very upset on how they media portrayed her, like it was high school and she was being bullied. Now that that’s all over we have 3 choices. Barack Obama, John McCain, and Bob Barr. John McCain I had heard of before because I thought his war story was very interesting and he seemed like a nice guy. The other two haven’t heard of them until now. John McCain has to pull away Clinton supporters from Obama and likewise Obama do the same. But what are they really doing to seem “presidential” at all? I mean take into consideration the flood in the mid-west. How hard could it have been for any of the candidates to say “hey , i can’t appear of oprah tommorow ,sorry folks but the mid-west needs some attention. let’s not repeat katrina.” I’m sorry but all these people were caught up in their own political world where all they can say is the same bulls%$& OVER and OVER and over again. I don’t care for words ,  I need someone to actually do something. Until then the american people won’t vote for someone they believe in , just the less of 3 evils. Worst , they might just sit it out and not care about the whole ordeal.