Sorry Tapanga…

If anyone remembers Boy meets world you’ll remember Tapanga , his cute girlfriend. Well she has a new show on the style network. The show is based upon The soup aka one of my favorite shows. It’s not based upon it’s more like this is what would happened if Joel Mchale lost his penis in a freak accident and stopped being funny. IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME. I hope she gets cancel for lack of creativity. I’m a bit annoyed by all this. I don’t even feel comfortable tagging the word humor into this , people might get the idea her show is funny.


Get this chick to tattoo your name on her shoulder.

I was watching the soup today one of my favorite shows and it reminded me to visit their blog. So I did. I didn’t expect to find this link there. It’s a promotional website for some bar or beer. The cool thing about it is that you can put your name and that of a friends and it will show up in the video. It’s VERY amusing. You should give it a try