The chicken or the egg?

I have good reasons to title my latest entry with “the chicken or the egg?”, like the famous question “what came first , the chicken or the egg”. See lately before I go to bed I have a lot of weird thoughts. For instance , I have a habit of when laying in bed I rub my feet agaisnt each other or agaisnt my legs. Last night while I was doing that , I realized that the buttom of my feet felt a little rough against my smooth calf. Here’s the trick. I started to get confuse of whether I was feeling wih my foot or my leg. Since both are a part of me ,I wonder which I was feeling . My leg was feeling my foot or my foot was feeling my leg? Was I feeling something smooth or something rough? Then I started to think what if human contact was like that. Wouldn’t it be weird  amazing to feel the other person the same way you feel in your hand the glass of water. Or like me when I coudn’t understand that weird conection with my feet and legs. I wonder if I’m making any sense but even if I don’t here’s a lil tip, try to feel the other person. Not with your hands but try to feel what they feel , imagine what it’s like to touch your own skin. You might discover something.