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In memory of…

….my Giga Pet.
I don’t know exactly how he died or when he died. Hell, that thing had more lives than any cats I’ve ever heard of. Nonetheless I feel important to say good-bye to my digital pet from the 90’s.
I’m not particularly fond of animals. They smell, they’re loud,they bite. No wonder the elderly like them so much. But one day my father brought me one from KFC. At first I didn’t like it because it made this beeping sound and because he was pretty needed. I’d feed him and he’d crap on himself. I had to put him to bed ,call the docter, then he’d die and it would start all over again.

I eventually got sick of playing with him no matter how many KFC gave me ( I ended up having 3) and the school banning them had a little to do with it. For some reason I always liked my friends Giga pets better. So my dear purple Giga Pet fell into obscurity. I don’t know where he went . I doubt I threw him away because I have a problem throwing things away. So long my digital pet.

I wonder how many people had these things and actually remember them?

Just because…

Summer Olympics: Losing athlete and his story

  I want to be honest with you, the Olympics don’t really call my attention. Even though I can manage to be mesmerized by divers I have a hard time considering it really a sport. With that aside I have to acknowledge that sports or not these athletes are very talented and skilled. They work hard ,wait 4 years, and have only one chance to reach their goals. Which is why the story of Derek Redmond touches me so much.

Derek Redmond is retired British runner. While he was active , Redmond , had won Gold medals in the 4×400 meters relay in the World Championships,European Championships,Commonwealth games,and he held the British record for the 400 meters sprint. Then came 1992 Barcelona ,Spain. The Olympics. Right in the 400 meters semi-final Redmond tore his hamstring. It was suddenly all over for him. Everything he had fought for , everything he trained for , vanished right then in there. Even though Redmond had no chance to win the race with a tore hamstring, he stood up , fought the pain and hobbled on the track. He refused to get medical help because he wanted to finish his race. Not win but at least finish it. His father , Jim Redmond, barged through security and managed to join his son on the tracks. Together side by side he finished the race.

I haven’t read who actually won that race. I can understand why Derek Redmond was the real hero of this story. With all the odds against him he still fought to finish his race. It’s a very touching story. Visa recently uses the video footage of this race to promote the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Acknowledging that he and his father finished “dead last, but he and his father finished.”

Crossword challenge.

I have a new goal. Aside from learning another language and a couple of sign language signs , I will now dedicate myself to doing crosswords. I like the ones in msnbc because you can click a “solve the letter” button to help you practice. I don’t know how this is helpful to my persona but it sure does make me feel smarter. If anyone knows any crosswords for dummies it would be very helpful. I’m curious to know if anyone else plays these , are you any good? what’s the key to filling in the right word? For example I got “Next to china” . I filled in Russia but alas it was taiwan . same amount of letters. Practice practice practice right? I’d love to hear some feedback!