Seen it. Seen it. Seen it. Ehhh , not today…

Have you ever been to a small store and been able to see what you like and don’t like. But when you walk into a huge store you seem overwhelmed by the options? Well that same thing happened to me last night only it wasn’t clothes. It was movies.

I signed up for Netflix because something tells me it must be cheaper than blockbuster. I don’t know if it’s the part where you don’t have to get up your lazy ass to get the movie or where you order 3 at a time and just pay 16 dollars a month.

Anyways , before I did this, I would roam youtube and other sites to see classical movies. Last night I went into their classical movies collection , dear lord I must have spent 3 hours there without being able to choose. They should really be able to narrow it down better. I mean they actually do . Classical Comedies ,classical thrillers. They show it by artist etc etc. I still had a hard time picking. I don’t like modern day romantic comedies. Usually the only comedic part of the movies involves one of the stars falling down in front of their crush. Really , I can’t think of one modern day romantic comedy that didn’t involve someone falling down.

Damn you netflix for your big selection of movies!

I managed to pick, Top hat (I think , it’s still to early , everything is kinda fuzzy) , Good luck chuck ( that was my sister in law , queen of romantic comedies) , Casanova ( that one I picked because I LOVE that movie ) and two other movies my sister in law picked. I don’t remember them because I don’t care for them.

With that said , will someone rescue Matthew McConaughey from the romatic comedy genre. He’s too hot to be that boring.


Movie Madness

I have so many thoughts right now on movies that none of them have to do with each other. I’ll try to organize this the best way I can.

I was watching The Notebook last night while simultaneously switching back to the Olympics to make sure I didn’t miss Michael Phelps swim. It was an ok movie I guess, it was too damn long. They spent half the movie crying and the other half trying to make the viewer guess if they stay together. I figured by half the movie the old people where them two anyways. I don’t appreciate Abc family making me sit through 3 hours of it.

With that said , I come to another second movie madness note: Is it me or am I the only person that Wikipedias a movie after seeing it? Like as soon as the credits started rolling there I was on Wikipedia searching the movie up. It’s not even movies ,Wikipedia is a disease. I can google anyone/anything and I’ll click on the wikipedia link first.While writing ,this I came up with at least 3 other things I’m gonna look up on Wikipedia.

Round three: In the morning yesturday I was at my cousin’s house and they were watching a thriller about crocodiles ,name of which I might wiki later. But what called my attention was that Bill Pullman was in it. No matter where I see this actor he reminds me of the President. Of course the President he played in Independence Day. I wish I could vote for him to be my President. I see that movie just to hear him say his speech before kicking some alien ass. None of the Presidents in my lifetime have moved me like his speech. What about it that was so moving? Was it the inevitable doom they were facing? No, we had 9/11. Was it the sort of marching band meets bagpipe music that was playing in the background? MMmMM maybe… Maybe it was the simultaneous cameras showing the spectators, staring off into hope? Hope , that word rhymes with Obama these days. I don’t know but Bill Pullman is the best fake President ever. Hell, If he was real I’d be the first one signing up for internship and I don’t even like politics.

My head hurts from thinking too much crap. But just one last thing before I go
Adam Baldwin , the guy who played Mayor Mitchell in Independence day was f— hot too. WOOOOOO talk about the underdog hottie. I need a cold glass of something.