Bear with me

I’ve been doing lots and lots of crosswords. It’s frustrating because sometimes the word pops up in more than one crossword and I can’t seem to remember said word. All in all I’m completly happy with my new hobby because I feel intelligent that I know that “Desist from (7) is Abstain”. Although between you and me I still rely heavily on spell checker. To prove that I have learned some words from this new hobby I will try to tell a story using some of those words. You’ll know which ones they are.

Lax morals have invaded this country for the past 8 years and now with the rise of a new President comes new hope. The President elect has been extolled by many of the World’s most important leaders. I could have tried to write a limerick than this

Let me know how it went looking all of it up on the dictionary.


Crossword challenge.

I have a new goal. Aside from learning another language and a couple of sign language signs , I will now dedicate myself to doing crosswords. I like the ones in msnbc because you can click a “solve the letter” button to help you practice. I don’t know how this is helpful to my persona but it sure does make me feel smarter. If anyone knows any crosswords for dummies it would be very helpful. I’m curious to know if anyone else plays these , are you any good? what’s the key to filling in the right word? For example I got “Next to china” . I filled in Russia but alas it was taiwan . same amount of letters. Practice practice practice right? I’d love to hear some feedback!