Cure for the curious

You might know by now that I have a thing for weird news. This morning I was on a website that showed movies based on actual events and how faithful they were to the facts. Somehow I ended up reading the Flight 93 transcript from September 11. I much rather have heard the actual recording. It was really confusing reading all those “no, no , no, no, no”. Who was saying no? And who were they saying no to? Although the whole “Allah is greatest” I’m going to be bold and say maybe the terrorist said that part.

After I read that I decided to keep browsing the site. I had heard of the smoking gun before but I thought it was another sort of Perez page. Well no it isn’t. It’s like hearing about someone declaring they got beat up and you get to read the court papers. They have a lot of court papers on there! This is very entertaining to me because at least I know I’m not being bullshitted or what I’m reading isn’t being exaggerated by the press.

Back to the transcript ( I’m sorry I can’t get over it ) can someone read it and agree with me that what I assume are the terrorist sounded pretty nervous. My guess is they were desperate to crash that shit. They were crumbling under pressure. I read a piece where it said that there was a fight outside ,that they were outside the cockpit. Those were the terrorist saying that right? They probably realized Americans can be just as crazy as they are. What’s even scarier is that they were trying to get a hold of a cockpit , but NOT because Allah promised them 7 virgins in heaven, but because they needed to protect their country and families. Somewhere Bin Laden is thinking how on God’s earth (or Allah I’m flexible) does a head of state maintain it’s people so patriotic without brainwashing them with fictional virgins. I mean if they’re that horny , they should just visit Las Vegas or the playboy mansion. Not a lot of virgins but we have operations for that. Stop fighting people. Come to America where we can restore a girls virginity (before attributed only to the Catholic church).


Pay back is a *censored*

My blog comes a little bit late in the day because I was watching a movie. A note to myself: If it’s more than 1 hour and 40 minutes it is physically impossible for me to keep paying attention no matter how great the movie.

With that off my chest I come to you with TA-DA! The weird stuff going on in our world.

Have you ever been afraid some freak on the bus or in the street might take a picture up your skirt?
Well that’s what happened with this women. She was climbing up the stairs of a Manhattan subway station when a man snapped a picture up her skirt. A near by witness confirmed the man who took the picture. So what did our victim do? She ran after the guy and took a picture of HIM. That’s right , she said smile I’m going to the police. And that she did. She showed them the picture of the perv and filed charges against sexual harassment among other things.

Take that! I like her , she’s gutsy. I mean she could have gone all out on the guy and took his phone from him. I don’t know, something erratic I suppose. But nope ,she rather have made that guy suffer.Someone had a picture of him and any moment he was going to be arrested. Hell if she wanted to she could have posted that shit on the internet so that the whole internet nation can see him.

Don’t mess with chicks.

A bigger come back than Britney Spears…

Miss me?

Of course you do! Well I’m back and I bring with me a new theme. To be truthful to my audience I have been very nonchalant on the news lately. It’s been the same crap for a little more over than a week and I just got lazy. Another thing is that I got sick of my theme. I wanted to change the header but I didn’t want to design it myself and my friends who could do it have fallen below the radar. So I just changed the whole thing all together.

But to keep with the theme of this blog entry and back to the craziness that is my blog, guess who else has made a come back?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

He’s coming out with a new album called “Classical Chronicles: The white stuff on my face isn’t makeup anymore”.
OK, he’s not coming out with a new album , BUT they did find a brand new sheet of music belonging to him.Lying in French museum was an 18th century unknown musical sketch handwritten by Mozart himself. All it’s missing is the harmony and instrumentation but all in all its a very important find. It will be auctioned off for approximately 100,000. They should hand that over to Timbaland and watch Mozart come alive again in a duet with Justin.

Moving on, did you know that the world could have ended last week? Well, it’s kinda true. Depends how superstitious you are. I won’t go into too much detail but offer a comprehensive link with all the details. Here , you can read up on the “Big bang machine” The deal is , scientist have been building this machine that will recreate the big bang explosion that supposedly created the universe. It took them 14 years and whole lot of money and now they’ve finished it. Here’s the catch , there was a small possibility it would have created blackhole and thus killing us all. Scary huh? We’re not out of the woods , the machine is set to go into full power coming October so who knows what might happen. I have a lot of questions and conflicts with myself. First of all, 14 years in the making and NOWWWWW we hear about this?! Black hole ,dying ,black hole dying. I wonder if that happened we would notice it. Sort of like being sucked into some Piccasso painting. Our ears would be in our mouths and we would have two noses. Scary.

Well , all in all , I’m back bitches.

I jaywalk ! And?!?!

Yes I jaywalk. And?! Big fucking deal. If you think I’m going to walk ALL the way to the corner when the place I want to go to is right across from me, you have another thing coming.

But Shanghai Police are going to try to put a stop to it by humiliating you on tv.See they have this wacky idea that maybe if they post pictures of you jaywalking and videos you might feel bad and not do it anymore. The Shanghai Daily said that offending pedestrians , motorcyclist and everyone else too lazy to walk to the corners will be snapped and put on daily programs.

UhhhH scary! If I lived there I’d jaywalk with a big sign strapped on my back that says “Come fucking get me” or promoting my website, you know it is free publicity.I know it sucks for cars because you have to wait sometimes for people to cross the streets or you can’t go hey-wire on the roads in case of us jaywalkers. But you know what? Take anger management and deal with it.

I jaywalk and proud of it! Just don’t tell any cops on me or anything..

Stand up straight , it’s your funeral!

Having been to a Latin country I have seen a lot of weird funerals. Some had music others had people dressed in bright colors. But this particular funeral held in Puerto Rico broke the mold.

When Angel Pantoja Medina was found dead on Friday beneath a bridge his family set out to fulfill his last wish: To be held standing in his funeral.

A funeral home helped provide special embalming so that the corpse would be able to stand up straight during the three-day wake.

I don’t know if this is weird or just plain creepy. You imagine walking in and just casually passing that dude with the sunglasses. So yeah where’s the dead kid? Oh you just passed him, he would be that one right there in the corner with the glasses. Anyone just get a flash back of weekend at Bernie’s?
The three-day wake was held at his mom house. I would never be able to go to a house where they had a corpse just casually leaning against the wall. I mean if I were talking to anyone there I KNOW my sight would wonder off to the place where I saw the dude. Talk about haunted houses. Please ,please I hope the world doesn’t make a habit out of this. What ever happened to viewing people in the comfort of their coffins?

I wonder if they buried him standing too?

Mail’s here ! You have a letter from Heaven…

I have been off on the news of the weird lately but oh do I have a good one for you.
Chet Fitch died 88 years of age last October. Fitch, a humorous fellow, gave his family a last little prank even after he died.

Come Christmas his family started to receive letters written in Fitch’s handwriting with the return address being “heaven”. He states in the letters that the “Big guy” (God) let him have a little moment to write his letters. He seals one letter saying “I’ll probably be seeing you (some of you sooner than you think)”.

Now this is no Ashton Kutcher , but I would have been freaked out. First off the guy is dead. Then you start getting letters two months later from Heaven ?! Kudos to this guy. He had been planning this for more than two decades alongside his barber. He had determination. I bet Ashton Kutcher was sitting around when he was 14 saying “I’m gonna get one of the N’sync kids , watch, they’ll be a group called N’sync and I’ll prank one watch..WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO….HHAAA! Punk!”

Instead of Christmas cards he should have written that he didn’t really die per say but traveled to the future. Suggested a few lottery numbers to play and drive his family a little crazy over the years. Randomly suggesting things like on July 24,2011 go outside , put one hand in your head and the other on your nose….wait for spaceship. Then send the other one the next day saying, you missed it ,you forgot your god damn peace fingers! Now they think we’re the enemy! Start building shelter as of now.

Wasn’t Blast from the past something like that?

Get out of work card.

We all have had days when we feel like we don’t want to go to work. We sit on the edge of our beds thinking of what kind of lies we can come up with. Well it seems our gud ol’ mates from down under Canberra ,Australia have it covered. The website is dedicated to buying doctor’s note, so you don’t have to go to work. It doesn’t stop there. It offers American websites as well as European links so that you can cancel the gym membership that state you need to be ill or pregnant to terminate the contract. It costs about $38 and said to be funded by an Australian docter, who’s staff consisted mainly of European backpackers looking for a way to fund their trips.

This is….. interesting?
I’m torn . I think it’s great to take a day off and I really don’t buy when they say it costs the company “MILLIONS” of dollar in lost productivity. The truth is that most large companies exhaust employees to the point where they have to make up an excuse for one day off.

Hell I use to do it all the time! It didn’t cost my boss a thing just a little adjustment for 8 hours. Then there are the gyms. Oh boy I don’t know how there aren’t a league of strangled trainers in America. Balley’s doesn’t let you out of contract for 3 years! If you move , they transfer you to another gym nearby. So your only choice if you no longer want their services is to get fatally ill and have a docter say that you can not do any exercise whatsoever.

I just changed my mind. Horray for people buying medical slips. God damn I wish I had known about this sooner. Talk about all those school papers I could have saved myself from writing just because the “docter” said I pulled my bicep muscle.

I wonder the good mates medical notes say. “Crikey! Bill caint cum to wurk , seems lyk he got hit by a kangaroo.”

I know immature but I couldn’t help myself.

Broke over gas? Steal jet fuel.

I know high gas prices have been everyone’s boogey man for a while now, but this is a bit much.

An unidentified 20 year old was caught stealing jet fuel. Ok, he was drunk. But still, jet fuel?
He broke into a small airport and tried to load up his car with jet fuel.

I don’t know about this, but can you put jet fuel in your car and make it run normally? Funny thing is that if he were to buy it he would have to pay $5.97 a gallon.

He’s making a statement here ladies and gentleman. If you’re going to steal , make it worthy. Why go to the pump and try to steal it ? $4.00 gasoline ,pfff! I’m putting the real s*it , JET FUEL!
I’ve heard people say that if they were to steal something and get caught it might as well be something in the millions. I don’t know if that’s rational but heck it works for them.

I wonder if this is what Winona Ryder was thinking when she raided that Chanel store?
Hell if I was a washed out actress and nobody is offering to give me clothes I’d be bitter too.But that’s another story.

I can’t stop thinking what would have happened to his car if he turned it on with jet fuel. It’s silly but I keep getting an imagine in my head that the car is going to fly off and he’ll just drive the car around in air. There was a show like that. I wish I could remember the name. Mind boggling.

Read this before you pick on a Chinese kid

When I first read this I thought these were the same kids as the marijuana stint. But alas no, these kids are all the way from China. Now these cute little bundles ( I assume they’re cute) just 14 years of age were convicted to 3 years in prison for arm robbery. The robbery took place in a jewelry store where the kid bandits wore masks and caps while threatening the staff with knives. The loot included stolen necklaces, bracelets and pendants valued in almost 200,000$US.


Hate me for this but I feel like I’m reading a Ninja anime story. Mask ? Knives? Chinese? Small people with big guts? To make matters worse one of the kids was an apprentice of a master goldsmith who had been previously sentenced to 7 years in prison. Key word: MASTER. They can make a comic book out of this. It’s like crouching tiger hidden dragon. Only in the movie the girl stole a sword. Same story different versions. I wonder if they kicked some ass? High kicking while screaming “HHHHAAAA YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”


I’m going to look at Chinese kids differently now. I use to think they were cute. My sister in law looks Chinese , I might need to keep in an eye on her too. You never know , it could be part of her “plan”. I don’t know if the reporter wanted to seal this story making it seem like China was a child criminal mecca but it says at the bottom that there was rumored to be a 9 year old girl, let me say that again, a 9 year old girl , who traveled to China’s mainland to collect heroin and bring it back in her rucksack for a drug trafficker.

And American kids feel all dangerous when they download music illegally. Wake up America , China has balls. I’m thinking we’re getting a downsized version of Tae-kwon-doe. I don’t feel easy with this. I can’t trust someone who might pretend to be asleep while talking to me. We need to send them copies of Mr.Roger’s neighborhood. That way while they’re sitting there watching Mr.Roger take his socks off, we can practice karate alone. Heads up China we’re about to open a can of whop ass.

Seriously ,they’re using kids for criminal purposes. Criminals are getting lazy these days. A round of Red bull anyone?

Your boyfriend might be an ex-con.

What a delightful treat I found this morning. I was roaming the web when I came across an article.
The writer had found a website where you can check if someone has a criminal record. Of course for most this isn’t anything new seeing that for 40$ you can figure it out anyways. But this site is FREE!
So I decided to go in and check the page out. It’s very easy to use. All you need is the name of the person and place where they reside or might have committed a crime. It helps if you know the city and their middle name to really narrow down the search.

It’s very addicting. It’s so addicting I looked myself up and I’ve never been convicted of any crime whats so ever.

I looked up everyone I can possibly think of. Alas I know very few criminals apparently.
I guess they don’t put deportation in there. I also think that they only put convicted ones, not anyone they’re actually looking for. Because if that would have been the case I would have come up with a lot more people .

The site also has stuff like neighborhood watch. That was very eye opening.
I thought I lived in a nice part of town , apparently I’m surrounded by convicted criminals.
Thankfully not in my building but two buildings down. I say thankfully not because I don’t believe people reform but because if they did live in my building I’d look into to see who they were and I would become overly curious. I have a bad habit of people watching so I don’t need to through any wood to this fire.

You should definitely check this site out. It’s very interesting. People are debating that this is an intrusion of people’s privacy. I’d feel that way if I were on here for not putting my seat belt on or running a red light. But then again the more serious ones I feel they are ok because people really should be more honest about their past even if they have changed. If someone is hiding something like this it becomes a very serious trust issue in the friendship or relationship .

By and by it’s just fucking interesting.