Broadway hang on to your socks

As I have warned stated before I have some peculiar dreams. Last  night was one of them. I dreamt I was in a musical. Now of course I was the star of the musical (spoiler alert: I die at the end) . It was about me and a friend (male of course) who lived on opposite sides of a garbage dump. Yes, garbage dump. Apparently we didn’t know each other even though the area was pretty much deserted (surprise there ) . But we did communicate by playing a game. The game consisted in throwing top hats to each other. Talk about Hollywood here, even though we lived on opposite sides of the dump the hats managed to fly over to the other side. It was like Micheal Jordan meets Manny Ramirez. All in all I got bored and I think I ignored the middle part of the musical (yes, I get bored at myself ) . I did happen to notice that one of the songs in the musical was One sweet day from Mariah Carey and Boys 2 men. How did Mimi mingle her way in there? Only God knows . Still skipped that part, I wasn’t interested in being out shinned in my own dream/musical by a much better singer. In the end I’m somehow murdered and my friend discovers my body because he feels lonely one day ,for reasons I must have skipped, he throws his top hat only to see it wasn’t thrown back so decides to walk through the garbage dump to see what happened ( retarded dumbass ,who knew if I had never thrown that shit back I would have gotten to know him, anyways) .He finds some fresh soil. Curiosity strikes him so he decides to see what’s underneath the fresh soil . I guess living near a garbage dump will do things like that to you. BAM! Finds my body in a coffin. Apparently my murderer was nice enough to give me proper funeral. There ends the musical. I don’t know if this is interesting at all seeing that all the important parts are missing , like a plot. But I felt I needed to share that with someone. To compensate the need to see musical I’m going to finish watching Sweeney Todd.