Bear with me

I’ve been doing lots and lots of crosswords. It’s frustrating because sometimes the word pops up in more than one crossword and I can’t seem to remember said word. All in all I’m completly happy with my new hobby because I feel intelligent that I know that “Desist from (7) is Abstain”. Although between you and me I still rely heavily on spell checker. To prove that I have learned some words from this new hobby I will try to tell a story using some of those words. You’ll know which ones they are.

Lax morals have invaded this country for the past 8 years and now with the rise of a new President comes new hope. The President elect has been extolled by many of the World’s most important leaders. I could have tried to write a limerick than this

Let me know how it went looking all of it up on the dictionary.


Not UN translator material yet.

Yesterday was a slow day . I did some studying and was bored out of my mind. I decided to listen to music and I heard this one song that was in Spanish. I soaked it up the same way I would a bottle of water on a hot day. I thought everything about it was beautiful and then came to realize how blank English has become. In Spanish this song sounds almost Shakespearian but translated directly to English it sounded well, ordinary. So , this is a verse of that song in MY own translation, I tried to exaggerate the romanticism in it I hope you notice and mock me if you will. I know I would if I was this corny but eh here it goes:

Just reassure me that alls well.
and if by any means or measure the walls close in through the veils that surround your heart ,just whisper back that you love me.
what is ever left to learn to love within these hands?
just let the essence of your entity pass through them again ,and again.
It’s all about moments ,these moments you give me.

Why didn’t I write the whole song? That shit is hard. You give it a try you’d bust your head too. Well I didn’t dedicate much time to this so it might be better after correction but I don’t plan to do so, so it’s up for grabs.

p.s GOD BLESS spelling correction. I’m like the Louis Lane of blogs sans Jimmy.