Gigi’s Back, tell a friend.

Guess who’s back?

Apparently Terminator, but that’s not until May 21st. However, for those of you still out there that care, I am also back. I didn’t stop writing because I was bored with all this. I stopped because college had kicked in and I found little time to write. I had an English class that required me to write many essays, and of course I plan to share with you those wonderful essays. I do use the word wonderful loosely. I will also try my best to watch my grammar. Since I had been reading my old entries I’ve noticed a lot of stupid mistakes.

Now for the fun part:

In these past months I have learned a great deal. Like what the hell is a quadratic equation and why should I care – not that the reason was any good, but I know it. I want to share some of the good and bad things these past few months have taught me.

I’m glad to be back and I hope you guys – you know who you are – come back as well.

The bad:
• I hate those push faucets in public washrooms. WTF? I’m rinsing my hands and then BAM the water goes away. Now I have to touch the dirty faucet so I can continue washing my hands.

• With the theme of bathrooms still in play, will someone please put soap that actually foams?

• People that are constantly texting are obnoxious. YOU HEARD THAT?! YOU’RE F*&^@$ OBNOXIOUS!

• Math is hard.
The good:
• I will never get tired of McDonald’s dollar menu.

• I discovered the show 24 while trying to distract myself from math homework.

• There will always be someone in class who is willing to ask the stupid question you’re too scared to ask yourself.

• If you don’t feel like brushing your hair one day, in college you will find at least 5 other people who look the same crappy way you do.

That’s all folks. I’m going to post my essays one-by-one; mostly because there aren’t that many of them. So tune in please!


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