4,500 year old boat

Hello people of blogging world! Sorry I haven’t been around most of the weekend. I was either sleeping or watching the new Batman movie. Yes Batman it fucking rocked. If I had 10 bucks to spare I’d watch it again but alas no , my pal Dubya is making sure we’re spending those 10 bucks on somebody else’s oil.So how do I begin my Monday? I read the news of course! I was reading an Msnbc article about archaeologist¬† finding remnants of a 4,500 Egyptian vessel. I love these guys ,they’re always looking for stuff down there . I feel like I personally know Zahi Hawass from all those Discovery channel specials. Interestingly enough they want to rebuild the boat. Hmm , I wonder where they plan on sailing? If you ask the pharaohs it was gonna take them to the afterlife. Now call me crazy but those pharaohs sure had a lot of plans for the afterlife.¬† They were buried with their walking sticks ,gold and perfumes. Looks like they were going on a cruise or resort.

WHERE WERE THEY GOING???¬† and can I come too?It’s like a country club for dead people.

Just think about it , a bunch of one dimensional folks talking about who has the most slaves. I wonder if they have a hell room? And if so , who’s in there?
I don’t know if you really think about their after-life special must be boring and quite dangerous. We’re talking about people who would kill their mother in order to be pharaohs. And if you’re Amenhotep IV , you’d might even argue that you’re God.

I think we should do something about this folks. I say if anyone plans on dying anytime soon ,don’t go straight to heaven/hell ( unless you’re invited to an exclusive party ).. head to wherever these guys are at and let them know our afterlife is much better. We have Elvis Presley and George Washington. All they possibly have are milk baths and plagues.

Let me know how that turns out