Well this is my first time on so I’m not exactly sure where to begin. I had done a couple of blogs on my myspace page but realized I wasn’t getting much response from the public view there so I decided to move on. Something weird because I have a tendency to wait out until things work out. But surprise ,they never do . I guess this should be a new type of thing for me to get out of the so called "safe box" and try something new. My last post on myspace had to do with the 4th of July celebrations. I had commented on how we Americans use this time around usually to hit the beach or stuff our face with foods. I admit that I had joined the bandwagon and also went to the beach. Why is this? Well because it was either that or stay at home and the latter didn’t seem too appealing to me. I live in South Florida my options were very slim . After arriving there at the beach I realized I should have just stayed home. My guess is that watching reruns of Independence Day is much more appealing than sun burn. In the evening I wanted to take pictures of the fireworks but (insert losing sound) it rained! So that went down literally down the drain. I wonder if anyone else had all there weekend planes spoiled for reasons beyond our control?