I’m also a victim…

….Of writers block
What a horrible feeling.NOt even stumbling has helped me. It’s the medias fault.Why? I don’t know yet but it must be their fault.Maybe I’ll feel better when the republican convention is over.:(:(


Can we have our newscasters back?

Anderson Cooper was in New Orleans, so was Brian Williams. I don’t care for Wolf Blitzer but he must be in the Republican Conventions.
That’s all anyone is talking about , hurricanes and politics. I haven’t heard anything besides that for the last 2 weeks. I had to see on a ticker on cnn that Casey Anthony was arrested again.

Team Nancy Grace…

She probably bit the judges head off over this.
For those of you who aren’t aware our beloved Nancy Grace’s legal issues , here’s a little summary:

Melinda Duckette went on Nancy Grace’s tv show after he son went missing in August 2006. As natural , Nancy Grace grilled Duckette as to why she refused to take a lie detector test and give direct answers to the whereabouts of her son. Shortly after Duckette,21,shot herself before Cnn aired the pre-taped interview. Now her family is claiming that Grace’s rough drilled drove their daughter to suicide. And thus setting back whatever vital information Duckette had of her missing son. So they are suing her for damages bla bla and what not bla bla.

Listen , Nancy Grace is a smart and feisty girl. I’m surprised she hasn’t come on tv saying “what the hell she killed herself for? she couldn’t take it ? Looks to me like she was hiding something.” Well no , I’m sure she knows as a lawyer it really isn’t in her best interest to say things like that , but I know she’s thinking it. I’d be intimidated if I sat anywhere near Nancy Grace and I have never done anything worth her fancy. She has a soft spot for her twins though.

None the less I think it’s ridicolous what the family is asking for . As Cnn and her camp are stating if they do get away with this type of lawsuit it take 3 notes down on how journalist handle missing-persons cases. I agree. I say the more pist off you get the people watching you the more they’ll want to find the little kid and hate the crap out of whoever killed them. Because sadly, really, whoever turns up alive:(? Like the whole Casey Anthony thing. I wish I could hit that woman across the head ( I’m sure Mrs. Grace feels the same way) . They should really bring torture back. That would make her skinny ass talk.

By the way, where’s Nancy?! I haven’t seen her on her show for a while. It’s not the same if there isn’t someone yelling at everyone:(

Sorry Tapanga…

If anyone remembers Boy meets world you’ll remember Tapanga , his cute girlfriend. Well she has a new show on the style network. The show is based upon The soup aka one of my favorite shows. It’s not based upon it’s more like this is what would happened if Joel Mchale lost his penis in a freak accident and stopped being funny. IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME. I hope she gets cancel for lack of creativity. I’m a bit annoyed by all this. I don’t even feel comfortable tagging the word humor into this , people might get the idea her show is funny.

War. What war? Let’s sing instead..

I came across this video done by the British Troops in Iraq dancing and singing “Is this the road to amarillo”.

Check it out , it’s very funny :-p

Another School Shooting…

So sad….

A 16 year old student has just been shoot dead in Knoxville , Tenn. The shooting occurred at Knoxville High school and is said to have happened somewhere around 8am in the main cafeteria. No other students are reported to be injured. Chief deputy Bill Roehl says that the two students knew each other and that this was no random act of violence. No names have been released of the victim or attacker.
My thoughts and prayers to the family of the victim and those of the attackers. As hard as it is to believe but the assassins family also suffer for what their children have done. I hope someone can shed some light onto the youth. This has got to stop.

My new bestfriend

Sorry that I haven’t written anything in a few days but I have a really good reason for it.
I’ve downloaded a new toolbar from stumbleupon.com . I found this toolbar off another blog that said as a warning that it might be addicting and boy was it. I can spend all day clicking the stumble button. I call it the momentary cure for my ever lasting boredom. When you download the toolbar it asks what type of things interest you, I selected photography and humor among other things. After that you click on the button that says Stumble, and it will show you a random site from the pre-selected category. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. There are also thumbs up and thumbs down buttons so you can save the sites you like and never see the ones you didn’t. I gave a thumbs up for my own blog, hey you need to put yourself out there. Try it TRY IT TRY it. It’s definitely worth it. Bellow are some of the pictures I picked up that really amazed me. Enjoy!

Is it me or does he seem exceptional pissed off at Bush in this picture

This is a very smart way for the Americans to express their hate concern of Bush to the French

If you can’t see the bum sign well it says:
Help me – I am a disabled Clone war vet. Need $$$ to build Death Star.
Hell If I saw a bum like that on the streets I’d give him money for just being creative.

This is just plain creepy. CREEPY. I mean what executive pedophile approved this?!

My first review!

Yay! My first review check it out here


Read it and check out his site ,it’s very interesting . Lots of good article on there and try to drop him a comment or two.

Thank you yuwab.com for taking the time to check out my site and giving me your two cents. Likewise to the people who stop by and visit . Don’t be shy no registration necessary to drop in a comment.

What I learned from shark week.

Yes it’s true I watch the Discovery channel.
Now with that cleared up ,for those of you who don’t engage in this kind of educational entertainment (I’m looking at you person watch re-runs of I love New York) it’s Shark week. Where every show on the Discovery Channel is dedicated to this “beast of the sea”.

Well I think it’s an understatement if I were to say I got fucking tired of watching sharks, ONLY SHARKS.And that was just two days into it. I mean even before that , they had Deadliest catch on 24/7. How much fishing can a person watch?! I wanted to see those ghost stories , I love that fake acting ,I trick myself into believe it’s all true. All in all I sat down when shark week started and here are some of the things I learned:

  1. The guy from dirty jobs has a nice body. I think I’ve developed a crush on him. I mean this a guy who does nasty jobs all day. You know he won’t mind looking inside the trash for the $20 bill you mistakenly threw away.

  2. There is no way in hell I will go into the the following waters:Bermuda Triangle ( not because of the sharks but have you heard the crazy shit that happens to people there ?!? ) South Africa, and somewhere in Florida that isn’t Miami ( I refuse to believe they filmed sharks in Miami)

  3. Camera men are brave people. What do they pay them to actually jump into the water and film sharks face to face? I wouldn’t do it unless I can live off that money when that shark takes my leg or arm.

  4. Sharks are afraid of dolphins. Flipper just became my new best friend.

  5. Back to my dirty jobs guy ( <3<3<3<3<3 ! ) dead sharks are smelly. Note to self: bring febreeze in case of any dead shark encounter.

  6. Ok, so I didn’t really learn A LOT per say but I do have a new found respect for the people who risk their lives in order to educate us dorks who are too afraid to check it out ourselves. That’s right! I said it ,I’m a chicken but I still have my limps intact! :-d

Get this chick to tattoo your name on her shoulder.

I was watching the soup today one of my favorite shows and it reminded me to visit their blog. So I did. I didn’t expect to find this link there. It’s a promotional website for some bar or beer. The cool thing about it is that you can put your name and that of a friends and it will show up in the video. It’s VERY amusing. You should give it a try

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