My new bestfriend

Sorry that I haven’t written anything in a few days but I have a really good reason for it.
I’ve downloaded a new toolbar from . I found this toolbar off another blog that said as a warning that it might be addicting and boy was it. I can spend all day clicking the stumble button. I call it the momentary cure for my ever lasting boredom. When you download the toolbar it asks what type of things interest you, I selected photography and humor among other things. After that you click on the button that says Stumble, and it will show you a random site from the pre-selected category. It’s the best thing since sliced bread. There are also thumbs up and thumbs down buttons so you can save the sites you like and never see the ones you didn’t. I gave a thumbs up for my own blog, hey you need to put yourself out there. Try it TRY IT TRY it. It’s definitely worth it. Bellow are some of the pictures I picked up that really amazed me. Enjoy!

Is it me or does he seem exceptional pissed off at Bush in this picture

This is a very smart way for the Americans to express their hate concern of Bush to the French

If you can’t see the bum sign well it says:
Help me – I am a disabled Clone war vet. Need $$$ to build Death Star.
Hell If I saw a bum like that on the streets I’d give him money for just being creative.

This is just plain creepy. CREEPY. I mean what executive pedophile approved this?!


Girly feet: Cute. Yours, not so much

I for some reasons unknown to me like to take pictures of my feet and legs. I guess having the camera in my hand without anything to take a picture of I just take the picture and my feet and legs end up being the star of the show. With that said I logged on today on msn and my friend talks to me. He’s a guaky skinny guy who just screams NERD whenever approaching towards another human being. Only thing is that this nerd is narcissistic.

I’ll let that sink in.

A narcissistic nerd.

Well he is. He has pictures of himself pouting and posing. I bet you he has pictures of Bill Gates pasted on a cover of playgirl. But that’s another story.

My point , and I do have one , is that on his display picture he has a picture of his toes. I’m not going to post it because I don’t want to get in trouble with anyone over that (but if you have reasons to believe otherwise heck hit me up I’m willing to share!) .

Why?! I mean it’s not even girly toes… it’s long and kinda hairy and you know its a guys foot. The only way guys smell good is when we buy them perfumes. You’re borrowing our tweezers then our eyeliners , now you think parts of your body are as cute as ours. First of all, unless your eyebrows are starting to resemble a letter of the alphabet leave them the fuck alone.Second, guyliners? If this is your way of stepping out of the bathroom (closest thing i have to a closet) just get it over with ( I have trouble assimilating emo) .Now this monstrosity!? Next thing I know I’ll going to see high perspective myspace pictures of yourself. Guys go back to reading comic books . I rather have a guy body slam me then asking me if his eyeliner is even.

Pictures of his toes!!!

*note: no gigis were hurt in the making of this entry.