Marco Polo?

There are certain things about pop culture that I’m simply stupid not aware of and can’t wrap my mind around it. For instance the “game” Marco Polo. My curiosity really surged when I saw that car commercial where the two people are playing a game of “tag” by one saying Marco and the other one Polo. Now call my crazy but playing tag while driving sounds kinda dangerous and hard. So I decided to look it up on my trusty wikipedia (wikipedia is a subject that needs its own entry ) . It turns out to be that. A game of tag. Usually played at pools , one person must shut their eyes and look for the other players. The blind player shouts ‘Marco’ and the other players have to shout back ‘Polo’. Now, even though I’m sure people can swim and won’t have a problem with this, but blind in water? Well ,either way , it turns out that it has been on several different tv spots as a joke. Now I’m curious to who is Marco Polo ? Why his name?  Was his a swimmer?According to wikpedia the answers in respective order are: no , we don’t know,and no. He was a traveler. It’s funny how people can pick someone randomly out of history to be inspired to do something completely silly different with their legacy. I wonder if there are other people like Marco Polo , someone else in history who’s name and purpose is used in a completely incoherent manner to their legacy. I wonder if John Locke counts?