Read this before you pick on a Chinese kid

When I first read this I thought these were the same kids as the marijuana stint. But alas no, these kids are all the way from China. Now these cute little bundles ( I assume they’re cute) just 14 years of age were convicted to 3 years in prison for arm robbery. The robbery took place in a jewelry store where the kid bandits wore masks and caps while threatening the staff with knives. The loot included stolen necklaces, bracelets and pendants valued in almost 200,000$US.


Hate me for this but I feel like I’m reading a Ninja anime story. Mask ? Knives? Chinese? Small people with big guts? To make matters worse one of the kids was an apprentice of a master goldsmith who had been previously sentenced to 7 years in prison. Key word: MASTER. They can make a comic book out of this. It’s like crouching tiger hidden dragon. Only in the movie the girl stole a sword. Same story different versions. I wonder if they kicked some ass? High kicking while screaming “HHHHAAAA YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”


I’m going to look at Chinese kids differently now. I use to think they were cute. My sister in law looks Chinese , I might need to keep in an eye on her too. You never know , it could be part of her “plan”. I don’t know if the reporter wanted to seal this story making it seem like China was a child criminal mecca but it says at the bottom that there was rumored to be a 9 year old girl, let me say that again, a 9 year old girl , who traveled to China’s mainland to collect heroin and bring it back in her rucksack for a drug trafficker.

And American kids feel all dangerous when they download music illegally. Wake up America , China has balls. I’m thinking we’re getting a downsized version of Tae-kwon-doe. I don’t feel easy with this. I can’t trust someone who might pretend to be asleep while talking to me. We need to send them copies of Mr.Roger’s neighborhood. That way while they’re sitting there watching Mr.Roger take his socks off, we can practice karate alone. Heads up China we’re about to open a can of whop ass.

Seriously ,they’re using kids for criminal purposes. Criminals are getting lazy these days. A round of Red bull anyone?


Your boyfriend might be an ex-con.

What a delightful treat I found this morning. I was roaming the web when I came across an article.
The writer had found a website where you can check if someone has a criminal record. Of course for most this isn’t anything new seeing that for 40$ you can figure it out anyways. But this site is FREE!
So I decided to go in and check the page out. It’s very easy to use. All you need is the name of the person and place where they reside or might have committed a crime. It helps if you know the city and their middle name to really narrow down the search.

It’s very addicting. It’s so addicting I looked myself up and I’ve never been convicted of any crime whats so ever.

I looked up everyone I can possibly think of. Alas I know very few criminals apparently.
I guess they don’t put deportation in there. I also think that they only put convicted ones, not anyone they’re actually looking for. Because if that would have been the case I would have come up with a lot more people .

The site also has stuff like neighborhood watch. That was very eye opening.
I thought I lived in a nice part of town , apparently I’m surrounded by convicted criminals.
Thankfully not in my building but two buildings down. I say thankfully not because I don’t believe people reform but because if they did live in my building I’d look into to see who they were and I would become overly curious. I have a bad habit of people watching so I don’t need to through any wood to this fire.

You should definitely check this site out. It’s very interesting. People are debating that this is an intrusion of people’s privacy. I’d feel that way if I were on here for not putting my seat belt on or running a red light. But then again the more serious ones I feel they are ok because people really should be more honest about their past even if they have changed. If someone is hiding something like this it becomes a very serious trust issue in the friendship or relationship .

By and by it’s just fucking interesting.