Cnn does Star Wars

As if having the magic screen I like to call the biggest touch I pod in the world isn’t enough, Cnn revealed on election night their holographic technology. They beamed in correspondents! Like literally beamed them into the situation room to respond to Lord Blitzer with regards of the federation of hope waiting for the next President.

I thought it was kinda silly and interesting at the same time. I thought it was silly because I’m about 90% sure Lord Blitzer wasn’t seeing anything per say, and the it was only visible through the monitors. I couldn’t help but look at his face pretend someone was there. I found it interesting because no one else thought of it before and for that reasons they receive my respect. They achieved this innovation by enclosing the correspondents in a cage like green room surrounded by dozens of cameras.

Cnn 2 ( must count the giant ipod ) ; everyone else nada.


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