Know thy self

First off, for those who know me know how discontent I was with the media lately and how they have only been reporting on politics. Well my prayers have been answered and now it has all come to an end.Now we return to regular broadcasting.

Congratulations to Barack Obama , I have no doubt in my heart that you will make an incredible President.Truly and beyond happy for you.

If you have been paying as much attention as I have been forced to , you will know that one of Barack Obama’s tax plan is to raise taxes on anyone making 250,000 dollars a year and giving a tax break for the middle class or anyone making less than that.

Before you start jumping up and down with your part-time wal-mart check in hand, there are some things you need to know about yourself. One of those things is what “class” are you. We’ve heard all about the middle-class and upper-class these past few months.Let me try to break it down for you:

If you pay taxes and your idea of an Eco-friendly car is a compact BMW , you may be upper-class. Other signs of this trend is if your money is somewhere in a Swiz bank , where not only might you be rich but have signs of being an insurance broker waiting to run off with some else’s dough. If your vacation destination is only accessible through a private jet, congratulations, you belong to the upper-class.

If you pay taxes and still buy at Wal-mart you show signs of being middle-class. Cars to look for in the garage are Hondas or a Prius you bought at the police auction. You might live in a neighberhood where you’re close enough to the poor to remind you to keep your two jobs but far away from them to sleep well at night. Your idea of haute coutre is Ralph Lauren.And if your ass fits in them , True religion jeans.

If you DON’T pay taxes but instead the government pays you, you are just plain poor. Lower-class is too fancy word for you and only hear it from the suburban folks I mentioned above this one.Your garage or the apartment building parking lot most likely has at least two shopping carts that people stole from the local supermarket. Your means of transportation is the city bus where you pay in coins because 70 dollars for the monthly pass is too much money to give in in one blow.

So analyze your situation first then jump up and down. Come back for more!!


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