Confessions …

I like the Clinton’s. That’s not my confession though. The real confession is that every time I see them on TV I can’t help but think that they seem bitter. Bitter is such a nice word. More like really reallly realllllllly pissed off. It’s very interesting that Hillary Clinton has fought so hard to be in the White House and this DITZ is just a few morons voting for her away from actually being there. I can just imagine Bill thinking to himself “I did NOT want this to happen. We coulda had the women voters.But noooo he had to steer away. Oh Hell ,HILLARY , get your coat let’s get us some grub.”

It’s kinda sad how they have to go on TV and say how much better Obama/Biden can do while clenching onto their teeth. I know they can do a good job. I’m pretty sure Hillary doesn’t want McCain there. But it just gives me this eerie feeling she just doesn’t want McCain/Palin president, but she HATES this lady from the bottom of her ovaries. Hell, I don’t like her either and her whole existence pisses me off. I’m not judgmental but give me somebody that’s worth it. During the debate she winked and said so many “gotachas, betchas” I felt like she was selling me a car. I could have survived without all of that.

In a sort of Sarah Palin news: For those porn lovers out there , they are making a porno inspired by Sarah Palin. Yes it’s true. Now you can jerk off to her while not having the debate on mute. From what I heard there’s going to be a Hillary look-a-like on there. Here is a link to some of the script I got it off

It’s quite funny. I wish I could read the rest to see how they would mingle Hillary in there. It’s not that X-rated so don’t loose your heads here.


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  1. Tommy Mitchell said,

    October 9, 2008 at 2:49 am


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