Rapping Granny

I recall sharing with you all about how Mozart has a new piece of music. To bring you back a bit to the musical sense I now present you Angela Pusateri.. Pusateri is a rapper, she’s also 79. This feisty grandma is not giving up on her desire to be a rapper. So much so that she has a new album called “Who’s your grandma?”.

God bless her. It’s so interesting to watch her rapping. She really enjoys herself. I must ask though , is the outfit necessary? She’s pushing herself to make her rapping image , would it be downsized if she didn’t wear the outfit? I know she’s no Kanye West or 50 cent but she is more gutsy to even try and put herself out there.

I wonder if I could rap if I tried. Check out the video . It’s really interesting!


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