Perseverance. It’s an important quality to have. If you want something never give up and even though it seems impossible you might get what you want. But when does it start to seem a little crazy?

When I was about 10 my father brought home a book of fairy tales. I loved it because it had great illustrations. Not like you regularly cutie two shoes drawings. They were really eloquent drawings. I don’t even recall reading most of the stories. I decided to remove the paper cover to reveal the pretty cloth hard cover it had. That’s where I screwed up. Since I had removed that I never really saw the name of the book. When I went to the islands I left it behind. I spent years trying to remember the name of the book. The only thing I could remember was that it had a drawing of three women hanged by their hairs. I went online for endless hours trying to find that painting. I looked everywhere. I would spend days on it. Fast forward 2008 and I was still looking for that book. I wrote email’s to people who had websites dedicated to fairy tales. I wrote to people who had websites dedicated to illustrations and nada. I searched on stumble upon and it took about half a day to find the illustration. Then the trick was to find the book. That took another day just finding the book that it belonged to. You see the picture belonged to a banned version of the book. I thought I found the book in the online data base of the public library. So I ordered it. One month later ( damn dweebs wouldn’t give up the book) I had the book which proved that this was the book I had spent years and years looking for. The book of fairy tales that I’m too old to really enjoy fully. The book that give me endless headaches from staring at the computer screen. It might have taken years and years to find but now it doesn’t seem that long because no God damn book was gonna make me give up.


1 Comment

  1. Tommy Mitchell said,

    September 29, 2008 at 3:13 am

    You’re like me with shoes i used to have as a kid……..

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