Cure for the curious

You might know by now that I have a thing for weird news. This morning I was on a website that showed movies based on actual events and how faithful they were to the facts. Somehow I ended up reading the Flight 93 transcript from September 11. I much rather have heard the actual recording. It was really confusing reading all those “no, no , no, no, no”. Who was saying no? And who were they saying no to? Although the whole “Allah is greatest” I’m going to be bold and say maybe the terrorist said that part.

After I read that I decided to keep browsing the site. I had heard of the smoking gun before but I thought it was another sort of Perez page. Well no it isn’t. It’s like hearing about someone declaring they got beat up and you get to read the court papers. They have a lot of court papers on there! This is very entertaining to me because at least I know I’m not being bullshitted or what I’m reading isn’t being exaggerated by the press.

Back to the transcript ( I’m sorry I can’t get over it ) can someone read it and agree with me that what I assume are the terrorist sounded pretty nervous. My guess is they were desperate to crash that shit. They were crumbling under pressure. I read a piece where it said that there was a fight outside ,that they were outside the cockpit. Those were the terrorist saying that right? They probably realized Americans can be just as crazy as they are. What’s even scarier is that they were trying to get a hold of a cockpit , but NOT because Allah promised them 7 virgins in heaven, but because they needed to protect their country and families. Somewhere Bin Laden is thinking how on God’s earth (or Allah I’m flexible) does a head of state maintain it’s people so patriotic without brainwashing them with fictional virgins. I mean if they’re that horny , they should just visit Las Vegas or the playboy mansion. Not a lot of virgins but we have operations for that. Stop fighting people. Come to America where we can restore a girls virginity (before attributed only to the Catholic church).


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  1. Tommy said,

    September 24, 2008 at 10:28 pm

    ever since 9/11 most of the street cats I know have killed that “Allah” talk…..weird……. anywho funny read LOL

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