Pay back is a *censored*

My blog comes a little bit late in the day because I was watching a movie. A note to myself: If it’s more than 1 hour and 40 minutes it is physically impossible for me to keep paying attention no matter how great the movie.

With that off my chest I come to you with TA-DA! The weird stuff going on in our world.

Have you ever been afraid some freak on the bus or in the street might take a picture up your skirt?
Well that’s what happened with this women. She was climbing up the stairs of a Manhattan subway station when a man snapped a picture up her skirt. A near by witness confirmed the man who took the picture. So what did our victim do? She ran after the guy and took a picture of HIM. That’s right , she said smile I’m going to the police. And that she did. She showed them the picture of the perv and filed charges against sexual harassment among other things.

Take that! I like her , she’s gutsy. I mean she could have gone all out on the guy and took his phone from him. I don’t know, something erratic I suppose. But nope ,she rather have made that guy suffer.Someone had a picture of him and any moment he was going to be arrested. Hell if she wanted to she could have posted that shit on the internet so that the whole internet nation can see him.

Don’t mess with chicks.


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