Oxymoronic PBS

I woke up this morning to go grocery shopping. While I waited for everyone else to get ready I sat down with my laptop while channel surfing. I came across PBS. They had a segment that called my attention. It had to deal with “Attention deficiency”.

This hits close to me because I seem to have the attention span of an 8 year old.
So I sat there and watched it for about 15 seconds before losing track of what the guy was saying.
You’re giving a educational segment about attention deficiency, are the swirly colors of the animated brain necessary??
Couldn’t they find a guy with a not so prominent beard that distracted me so badly I felt like grabbing scissors or at least duck taping that part of the TV.

Maybe it wasn’t that I was distracted. I was probably hungry or it was too early for my brain to work. Or maybe I just don’t see the point in watching PBS if there Elmo isn’t there. I’ll even settle for the cookie monster, who apparently quit eating cookies and now eats fruits.

I still think it was an oxymoron of them to have all those distractions for a segment on attention deficiency.


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