I jaywalk ! And?!?!

Yes I jaywalk. And?! Big fucking deal. If you think I’m going to walk ALL the way to the corner when the place I want to go to is right across from me, you have another thing coming.

But Shanghai Police are going to try to put a stop to it by humiliating you on tv.See they have this wacky idea that maybe if they post pictures of you jaywalking and videos you might feel bad and not do it anymore. The Shanghai Daily said that offending pedestrians , motorcyclist and everyone else too lazy to walk to the corners will be snapped and put on daily programs.

UhhhH scary! If I lived there I’d jaywalk with a big sign strapped on my back that says “Come fucking get me” or promoting my website, you know it is free publicity.I know it sucks for cars because you have to wait sometimes for people to cross the streets or you can’t go hey-wire on the roads in case of us jaywalkers. But you know what? Take anger management and deal with it.

I jaywalk and proud of it! Just don’t tell any cops on me or anything..


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