Team Nancy Grace…

She probably bit the judges head off over this.
For those of you who aren’t aware our beloved Nancy Grace’s legal issues , here’s a little summary:

Melinda Duckette went on Nancy Grace’s tv show after he son went missing in August 2006. As natural , Nancy Grace grilled Duckette as to why she refused to take a lie detector test and give direct answers to the whereabouts of her son. Shortly after Duckette,21,shot herself before Cnn aired the pre-taped interview. Now her family is claiming that Grace’s rough drilled drove their daughter to suicide. And thus setting back whatever vital information Duckette had of her missing son. So they are suing her for damages bla bla and what not bla bla.

Listen , Nancy Grace is a smart and feisty girl. I’m surprised she hasn’t come on tv saying “what the hell she killed herself for? she couldn’t take it ? Looks to me like she was hiding something.” Well no , I’m sure she knows as a lawyer it really isn’t in her best interest to say things like that , but I know she’s thinking it. I’d be intimidated if I sat anywhere near Nancy Grace and I have never done anything worth her fancy. She has a soft spot for her twins though.

None the less I think it’s ridicolous what the family is asking for . As Cnn and her camp are stating if they do get away with this type of lawsuit it take 3 notes down on how journalist handle missing-persons cases. I agree. I say the more pist off you get the people watching you the more they’ll want to find the little kid and hate the crap out of whoever killed them. Because sadly, really, whoever turns up alive:(? Like the whole Casey Anthony thing. I wish I could hit that woman across the head ( I’m sure Mrs. Grace feels the same way) . They should really bring torture back. That would make her skinny ass talk.

By the way, where’s Nancy?! I haven’t seen her on her show for a while. It’s not the same if there isn’t someone yelling at everyone:(



  1. keepitcomintoney said,

    August 29, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    LMAO…I love this show, and I was thinking the say thing about the lady killing herself…yup, I told my mom if I ever go missing…and she isn’t the one who killed me…to put my story on Nancy Grace!!!! And yeah I def think the mom killed her baby,I mean who goes to the club while their baby is missing…not me, but I don’t have kids…lol!!!

  2. Gigi said,

    August 30, 2008 at 12:00 am

    I love watching her being a bitch to people on her show. It’s like an educated cat fight jeje. Why on God’s earth did she go clubbing?! I break a glass here and try to hide it and I won’t even bop my head to music cause all I will hear is ” YOU BROKE THE CUP AND THEY’RE ON TO YOU !”.

    I hope they can prove who did it and put that person in jail what an adorable little girl. She should have given her up for adoption , given the child the chance to grow up.

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