Tales from the crypt …

Hey remember not long ago when I told you about a nice young fellow ( the nice is alleged) who’s last wish was to be stand at his viewing? Still yearning for creeping after death stories? Good because this one is going to blow your minds.

La vega , Dominican Republic

When Francisco Manuel Brito Cornielle died after a gun fight with police his family went to the morgue to retrieve the body. The Doctors and those in charge, informed the family that they had to wait for an autopsy and the cost would be RD$5,000 which is roughly $152 American dollars. Brito Cornielle’s family and friends being of poor origins didn’t have the money so they decided to just break into the hospital and take the body.

And that they did. Like a puppet or someone who was really drunk after hard partying they dragged the body of 31 year old Brito Cornielle. Guess where they rode it? Suv … nope…. truck? nopes…! In a motorcycle…! It was tricking getting him to stay on the motorcycle since his body was still wobbly. I felt kinda sad for the driver because when they threw the body on his back he sort of leans forward almost saying “ewww get the dead dude off me , he has blood ..! ahhh shit my wife is gonna give me hell for this”. Check out the video for yourself. I didn’t know you had to pay a fine in some countries to do an autopsy. I mean ok if it’s their law. But he got shot. Just try to find the hole where there might be vital organs and presto. “Yup , see this hole, the one in his head. Call me crazy but I think this was the one who did the trick.”
See the video and the angry mob armed with scary rocks ready to break in!



  1. Yaya said,

    August 25, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    Oh que linda en el tope estas dominicana bandera…
    Just in DR Baby… :S

  2. keepitcomintoney said,

    August 29, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    Yo that was creepy as hell, so creepy I’m make everyone in my house watch this, just so I’m not the only one with the creepies…like did you see how his body was just hanging off the bike…like I wonder how the other drivers on the street was feeling…eww!!!

  3. Gigi said,

    August 29, 2008 at 11:57 pm

    It was very disturbing to watch. It was more like you couldn’t help but look at it. I kept thinking about all the people who were in the street and just saw all of this go down.I mean you imagine sitting in your porch and there’s a mob of people with a kidnapped dead body? only in dominican republic jejej

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