Stand up straight , it’s your funeral!

Having been to a Latin country I have seen a lot of weird funerals. Some had music others had people dressed in bright colors. But this particular funeral held in Puerto Rico broke the mold.

When Angel Pantoja Medina was found dead on Friday beneath a bridge his family set out to fulfill his last wish: To be held standing in his funeral.

A funeral home helped provide special embalming so that the corpse would be able to stand up straight during the three-day wake.

I don’t know if this is weird or just plain creepy. You imagine walking in and just casually passing that dude with the sunglasses. So yeah where’s the dead kid? Oh you just passed him, he would be that one right there in the corner with the glasses. Anyone just get a flash back of weekend at Bernie’s?
The three-day wake was held at his mom house. I would never be able to go to a house where they had a corpse just casually leaning against the wall. I mean if I were talking to anyone there I KNOW my sight would wonder off to the place where I saw the dude. Talk about haunted houses. Please ,please I hope the world doesn’t make a habit out of this. What ever happened to viewing people in the comfort of their coffins?

I wonder if they buried him standing too?


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