The adventures of Gigi

Ah, the weekend. Boring, boring weekend.We love them and can’t manage to do anything with them at the same time. Well, except errands. That’s exactly what I did on Sunday.
My first stop was Wal-mart.

Now take into consideration that I guess in Miami there aren’t many Wal-marts. At least not near by. This one is close to where I live the other one is really far. How far? I’m too lazy to count the miles, look it up on google. Because of the lack of stores ,wal-mart is always full. Ridiculously full. It’s like hurricane season and people stocking up on water. Only they’re taking everything off the shelves. I’ve never driven in New york but I’ve talked on the phone with people who are driving in New york and boy are they angry. Wal-mart shoppers, ’bout the same. You go with your cart trying to get past the other gazillion carts in the way but you try and be polite to the dad who’s dying to get home but who’s wife can’t decided whether to buy colgate or crest. You go on and then BAM! You crash, someone who popped out of nowhere. Wal-mart is stressful. Then there are the undecided people who just stand in front of the shelves , the same shelve you need to get something from but they’re in the way. Just staring at it ,like they’re expecting it to reveal some secret of life. I sometimes wait for them to say Open-sesame.With wal-mart out of the way there’s just one more stop I want to share.

Toys ‘r’ us.

It was the birthday of my sister in law’s little cousin. She wanted a doll. Not just any doll, Island Princess Barbie. So we go in , we find the Barbies and find the Island Princess Barbie. Quick right? Of course not. She wanted the one with the purple dress. There weren’t any. So we look at the Diamond Castle Barbie who looks EXACTLY the same but we of course we’re afraid to buy it. See, I remember when I was young and asked for something but never got exactly what I asked for, just something similar. I thought it was because my parents were old and didn’t understand the new stuff. When I said “let’s get her this one , it looks exactly the same” I remembered all that.Instead we got her a completely different doll. We go up to the cashier ,long line, but not the same crowd of nesty bargain buyers from wal-mart ( Thank god). So my sight wonders off and sees a tickle-me-elmo. I have a soft spot for any sesame street or muppets etc. I go and press his tummy. Now, I feel I must say I am a walking tickle-me-elmo. I’ll laugh BEFORE you start tickling. Still I pressed him. And yes I laughed, hard. A 21 year old in a Toy’s R’ Us laughing at a tickle-me-elmo. Laughing so hard I think tears fell out. I was so amused by it everyone else starting giggling too. The cashiers , the moms, there was even a lil kid who pressed him again just to keep me going ( my sister in law just ignored me fear of embarrassment, I understand).

I could of bought him and spend my days watching him laugh, but I had to buy shampoo and bobby pins , you know 21 year old stuff.



  1. Scottie said,

    August 11, 2008 at 5:09 pm

    WAL-MART: the intergalactic portal to the Twilight zone. And for some reason I always feel over dressed when I go there…

    “Old people who don’t understand new stuff…” that was funny.

    Tickle-me-Elmos: Now those things just creep me out. CREEP ME OUT, I TELL YA! Especially when they start going off all by themselves in the bottom of the toybox when you’re alone in the house… and your kids are at school…and no one is playing with it. CREEPY!!

  2. Gigi said,

    August 11, 2008 at 5:16 pm

    The walmart here is sort of like every cities downtown, you’ll see all type of folks there. Twilight zone , yes, you could have not said it better.

    I didn’t know the elmos go off by themselves. He’s cute but if I had one that just went off by itself he’d be the first thing off the balcnoy.

  3. Yaya said,

    August 16, 2008 at 3:45 am

    Tickle me Elmo!! I Wuv Them!! watch this!

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