And I thought my name was F^%$ed up.

So my morning commute starting off the same. Had some breakfast and read up on the latest headlines.
I came across a story where a judge took a child away from her parents and made her a ward of the court.

Nothing out of the ordinary you might assume right?

Well wait until you hear why they took her from her parents:

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – A family court judge in New Zealand has had enough with parents giving their children bizarre names here, and did something about it.

Just ask Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. He had her renamed.

Judge Rob Murfitt made the 9-year-old girl a ward of the court so that her name could be changed, he said in a ruling made public Thursday. The girl was involved in a custody battle, he said.


What on God’s earth compelled these folks to name their daughter that.  They ,like me, thought it was funny I guess.
If you wanted to share your sense of humor creativity buy a pet. I knew a dog named Satan.

Now of course these are the parents they can do what they want but heads up you’re heading to a life with an angry teenager soon to be angry mailman.
Never underestimate the rage of a mailman, google Son of Sam.

I think we should rename a few people while we’re at it. George w. Bush already has Dubya. I’d like to keep it that way.

Angelina Jolie can conquer the world with :Needs tiny hand for work free food Jolie

“President” of Russia Dmitry Medvedev can have someone give a shit with : Vladimir Putin.

President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez can combat whatever it is he’s fighting for with: Can’t have my oil America.

Britney Spears ,poor thing: Britney Spears circa 1999

Katie Holmes might fight off that bitter taste in her mouth from the new batman movie with : Help Me.


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