Natural Remedy : Chinese Remedy for acne

If you’re anything like me then you have at least once in your life struggled with acne. In my case I don’t have a humongous break out but I do get a patch of acne from time to time. It’s very disturbing and embarrassing. Well I want to share with you a ancient Chinese natural remedy I have used myself. I love natural remedies and I know TONS for all sorts of different things. The good thing about this remedy is that you don’t need herbs , or make/buy anything. So just give it a try you might enjoy it and hopefully it will help your acne like me.

1. Stand with your legs spread shoulder-width apart, hold your arms straight out in front of you, and interlock your fingers.

2. Inhale and lift your hands over your head. As you exhale, move your upper body from right to left with your back bent slightly backward, using the strength of your hips to do this.

3. Inhale again and return to your starting position while exhaling. Repeat this exercise eight times.


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